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Date posted: 25-Aug-2022

ACP Promotions: Web and Video servide 

ACP Promotions is headed by Ray Roth

With over 20 years of production experience in all audio-visual media formats, 

Ray has explored a plethora of genres and styles: 


Web Mercials - On Line video ads 

SEO Video traffic with third party hosting allows for interactive menu interface 

YouTube channel Video Clips - 1 min intro and  5 short video clips works best 


We can edit any video or pictures formats for use in   

Video window display - facing the street 

POS (point of sale) retail video displays - in the store 

Big screen special event presentation 

Trade show sales presentations

Executive interviews

Team building exercises

Special purpose pieces for human resources departments.

Non-Profit fund raisers 

PSA ( public service announcement)  - TV spots 

On location conference  / presentations video recording 

 artist profile


Sponsored DVDs - single or boxed set 


A 30 to 90 seconds commercial containing 

product features and benefits, 

executive profiles, 

customer testimonials and corporate positioning ( branding )

- we offer a range of services to suit your marketing needs at reasonable prices.


Your video can be delivered in the format of your choice:

WEB HD 720p for retail display  

TV broadcast 1080i 

HTML 5 - for web on-line streaming on any portable device 

MP4 - for embeding in slide show presentations,   


Anything you would like to ask us? 

We are ready to answer any of your questions.



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