Curvy Road

Curvy Road Holdings
Gorge Kiebala, founder & CEO of Curvy Road Holdings, LLC

The Background

ExoticCarShare, a fractional ownership of exotic cars company, opened its doors in 2000. After a name change in 2006, Curvy Road Holdings, LLC became a member of ITEX in 2009.

The Challenge

How to attract new customers, by getting the word out to the public on a relatively new and unfamiliar service. How to pay for marketing that will be most beneficial to their business.

The Solution

Curvy Road was able to spread the word about their service to other business owners through ITEX's unique distribution channel. Curvy Road got the word out by participating in email promotions, as well as highlighted business newsletters, produced by their local ITEX Franchisee office. ITEX business members were attracted to the lure of driving a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari, and by paying for a fractional ownership with ITEX dollars. The decision to 'try this new service' became easy! Icing on the marketing cake...they told their friends, creating additional clientele.

The Results

"With the trade dollars generated through ITEX, we have:

  • increased our usage rates;
  • increased the number of time-share owners we have in our program;
  • purchased important services for our firm with ITEX dollars (saving me cash) for items and services like: legal & trademark services, tax work, advertising, web-work, printing services, vehicle detailing, auto body work, roof repair, electrician services, air conditioning repair, and much more.

Thanks in part to the ITEX Trading Community, Curvy Road has expanded to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and soon Florida.

If you want to increase your marketing reach, and your brand awareness, I strongly recommend joining ITEX" stated George Kiebala, founder & CEO of Curvy Road Holdings, LLC.

ITEX dollars work. Isn't it time they started working for you?

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