ITEX transactions can be done online, or through your local office or Trade Director.

Make a Purchase

To buy something online, simply click the Buy It with ITEXpay℠ button and follow the simple steps. You can also perform online transactions by using the Make a Sale and Make a Purchase links on the My Account page.

Make a Sale

You, as the seller, can initiate a transaction by completing the Make a Sale form found in the Transactions section under My Account. The ITEX dollars going into your account for the transaction will be placed on hold for 48 hours. It is your responsibility to receive, retain, and produce upon request, written authorization from the buyer for each transaction posted.

Make a Purchase

Make a Purchase allows you to transfer ITEX dollars from your account to another ITEX Member's Account. In other words, pay another member for their products or services. All transactions are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Marketplace Rules. To make a purchase:

  1. Click the Make a Purchase link.
  2. Enter the seller's ITEX Account Number, a description, and the amount of the transaction. If you do not know the seller's Account Number, use the search function to locate it using the seller's Account Number or business name.
  3. Click on the "Continue" button to finish the transaction.

After doing this, you will see the results of the transaction, including ITEX Account numbers, name of the ITEX Account, description, amount of the transaction, and the result of the transaction. If a transaction declines, contact your Trade Director to resolve the issue.

Return a Transaction

This feature allows you to return a transaction that was posted to your ITEX Account with the Make a Purchase feature. Only transactions posted to your account within the past 28 days with the Perform a Transaction feature are eligible to be returned. If a transaction not meeting these criteria needs to be returned you must contact your local office or ITEX Corporation.


The transaction entry page has a mechanism built in to prevent a double posting. If you are experiencing problems posting a transaction, please call your local office, Trade Director, or ITEX Corporate at (800) 277-9722.

Approved transactions are posted to your account immediately and will appear online on the Balances page in the My Account section.

Any other issues with the transaction functions should be brought to the attention of