Transaction History

The Transaction History page is a searchable history for all transactions, ITEX dollars and cash, posted to your ITEX account.


Select the From and To dates using the calendar icon and click Search or, refine your search by selecting the type of transactions you want to view for the From and To dates.

Show All

The SHOW ALL button will show all transactions for the entire history of your ITEX account.


When viewing the transactions, each of the column headers except Trx Type can be clicked to sort by that column. Clicking a column header a second time reverses the sort order on that column.

Offset Information

Clicking on the Offset name will open a window with contact information for that ITEX member.


At the bottom of the transaction history is a button labeled Print. This button will put the selected transaction history in a printable format.


At the bottom of the transaction history are two buttons: QIF Format and CSV Format. The QIF and CSV allow you to save the transaction history to your computer allowing you to view and manage your ITEX Account in your favorite financial or spreadsheet program.

  • QIF Format - A Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) file is a specially formatted American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) text file. It is used to transfer data between financial programs' data files, from a financial institution's Web site to a financial program, and in some cases between other financial programs. Compatible financial programs include Quicken, Microsoft Money, and others. Consult your program's documentation for instructions on importing QIF formatted files.
  • CSV Format - A Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file is an ASCII text file containing values separated by commas. The CSV Format can be read by any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3.