Who We Are

The Company

ITEX was founded in 1982 and is a public company (OTC:ITEX) operating the leading marketplace of cashless business transactions in North America. We process transactions for thousands of member businesses, assisted by our franchisees. Member businesses increase sales through an exclusive distribution channel, by utilizing the ITEX dollar to exchange goods and services. ITEX is powered by ITEX Payment Systems, the leading payment technology platform for processing cashless business transactions. ITEX is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

Brand Power

Why work to build a brand from scratch when you can start ahead of the game? We help our Franchisees grow and they help us build a national brand. By becoming an ITEX Franchisee, you have all the advantages of a recognized name and an established network in North America.

Shared Systems & an Experienced Team

ITEX operates the premier web based Account Information Management software in the industry. All you need is an internet connection to access your information. We will share with you methods developed through decades of experience enrolling new members and helping them transact through the Cashless Marketplace. Learn from ITEX veterans as you network with our Franchisees.


Franchising allows us to be selective in welcoming Franchisees into the system. You need a high level of comfort to commit to being an ITEX Franchisee. We require a high level of comfort with your experience, abilities, background and financial resources before we can welcome you as an ITEX Franchisee.

Our Vision

Our vision: "To establish the ITEX dollar as a widely accepted currency, and the ITEX Marketplace as the hub for cashless transactions throughout North America."