Everyone is crazy about a sharped dressed... office?!

Everyone is crazy about a sharped dressed... office?!

Posted: 28-Dec-2017

Most of us spend more time at our work place than we do at home. While walking in the door of your office today take a look at your business from the vantage point of a new visitor. Is the business image what you want to portray? If you were a new customer would you feel confident in doing business with this company? A fresh look will positively impact how our customers and our employees view our businesses.

Everyone likes to see a positive environment, one that's moving forward, and a business that's up to date and growing. Just like we invest in and update our homes we need to continually invest in the look and feel of our business.

Here are a few options you might consider.all through ITEX of course!
 Updated office furniture
 Clean the carpets
 Detail or paint the company trucks
 Upgrade the copier and other business machines
 New interior signage
 Provide logo apparel for the team
 Create a new brochure
 Refresh your website

Then, once you've updated your look, celebrate the new look with a luncheon with ITEX. Your staff will love it, your customers will notice it, and you'll want to spend more time at work! Right.. RIGHT!?  This might not be the first thing on your wish list for buying with ITEX dollars but it's an investment that will give you a great return!

It's not hard, it has a positive impact on employees, your customers will recognize you as a thriving business and, it can all be done on with ITEX dollars!