Be a Purple Cow.

Be a Purple Cow.

Posted: 30-Mar-2018

Some years ago, Seth Godin published a marketing book called 'Purple Cow'. It was based on a story about a family driving in the country when the kids told their parents they saw a Purple Cow in the field. The story spread and people from all over came to see the Purple Cow! It's about being unconventional and making your product/service remarkable enough for the customer/prospect to pay attention.  Are you "unconventional"? Most entrepreneurs are. They run at their own pace, take their own path. It's this spirit that got you into your own business. But now that you're up and running, do you continue to be unconventional or are you running your business as any other? Do you looking daily to take steps outside of the norm? Looking for opportunities; finding new market niches; to creating new customers? Or has it become the same old thing? Being unconventional is what an entrepreneur is all about. Being involved with the ITEX network is an entrepreneurial step, an unconventional step. Do you use this tool to its fullest?



Here are a few "unconventional" uses of ITEX that you might keep in mind.

 Do you have an old boat, a devalued car, a pool table you don't use? Did you know you could sell (almost) anything through ITEX under your one account?

 A new cleaning service used their ITEX line of credit to secure brochures and advertising for their start up business. They didn't have to go to a bank and now have new customers.

 A family member was getting married. Photographer, flowers, limo, and the honeymoon were all secured through ITEX and the member saved a ton of cash.

 A restaurant owed a vendor for past invoices that they were not able to pay. We contacted the vendor and they accepted ITEX dollars to wipe the slate clean and started working with the restaurant again.

 A florist approached restaurants to secure their business accepting the first orders in exchange for gift certificates and subsequent orders were for cash. The florist then gave the certificates to ITEX and we sold them, allowing the florist to buy other business needs. The florist got a new customer AND saved cash!

 The employee of a member needed dental services. The member paid for the services as a bonus. Securing a long-term employee.

 A member supported their local charity with an ITEX dollar donation, getting a full tax deduction. The charity then bought items through ITEX and put them up at their annual auction to generate new cash revenues.

 A member wanted to work with a vendor not a part of the network. He set up a sub account for the vendor to do his project with the vendor he desired at the price he wanted to pay. With a positive experience in using his sub account, the vendor subsequently joined the network.  Be a "Purple Cow". That's what got you where you are in the first place! Be "unconventional". Call ITEX.