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How much do you know about your customers? What is their average transaction size? Who is their customer? Do they operate another business? What the biggest challenge they are facing?   The more you know about your customer, the better you can serv ... more

Clint Eastwood is one of my favorites. He's always under control. But the bad and ugly guys are out of control. Can you hear the background music now?   Have you ever done a direct trade? One where you gave someone your goods for an equal amou ... more

Be a Purple Cow.
Some years ago, Seth Godin published a marketing book called 'Purple Cow'. It was based on a story about a family driving in the country when the kids told their parents they saw a Purple Cow in the field. The story spread and people from all ov ... more

Strength in Numbers
ITEX is made up of over 20,000 members who are serviced by over 60 offices. The success of the network is based on the strength of the owner/operator of the franchise and their personal service to their local member base, supported by the national ne ... more

Most of us spend more time at our work place than we do at home. While walking in the door of your office today take a look at your business from the vantage point of a new visitor. Is the business image what you want to portray? If you were a new custome ... more

Industry LeaderITEX is the largest barter network in North America. We host thousands of members serviced from 70 offices nationwide. The success of the network is based on the strength of the local franchise and their personal service to their local memb ... more

The fundamental idea that makes ITEX so powerful when benefiting you financially from ITEX transactions is Leverage.  Members that understand this concept, we call it "Getting it!", stay with ITEX for decades and do thousands in ITEX dollar transacti ... more

What is a fair price?
ITEX pricing of goods and services should be done at same as cash pricing without applying discounts.  End of the story? Not quite. This subject is not difficult at a retail outlet where the pricing is printed, but that's not the common ground for ... more

How does Hallmark Cards make money selling greeting cards?  Largely because they allow each of us to show extra appreciation and support to those around us. Especially ones with the cats on the front. What does this have to do with your ITEX network ... more

Occasionally our members tell us they only want to use ITEX dollars for business expenses. Which is logical considering they earn ITEX dollars by providing services or products through their business. We would like to propose a different way of thinking - ... more